Second Newsletter

Łukasiewicz – PIAP provides Polish entities and foreign partners with the latest technologies in robotics, automation, measurement techniques and 3D printing, as well as Space technologies.They offer ULTIMATE a wide, interdisciplinary experience in the fields of: information technology, industrial and mobile robotics, industrial automation, security and defence, telemetry and telecommunication, artificial intelligence and measuring devices. […]

First Newsletter

The European community has launched a call for tenders dedicated to Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). Among the handful of projects selected is the one launched and led by TRT: ULTIMATE (mUlti-level Trustworthiness to IMprove the Adoption of hybrid arTificial intelligencE).ULTIMATE addresses the subject of Trustworthy AI trought the hybrid AI lifecycle by emphasizing the stages […]

ULTIMATE makes its entrance !

We are glad to announce the kick off of the ULTIMATE project. We welcomed the ULTIMATE team in Thales Research and Technology premises to start working together on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence!