Third Newsletter

Robotnik designs, manufactures and markets autonomous mobile robots and manipulators, capable of working autonomously in collaborative environments, sharing space with humans.

Its activity in the service robotics sector started in 2002 and Robotnik is currently a reference in mobile robotics in the world and leader in Europe, having presence in the main international markets: Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, USA, France, Germany or Italy. From January 2023, Robotnik is part of United Robotics Group. With this move, United Robotics Group continued to partner with leading robotic  experts contributing to launching the successful third generation of service robots, CobiotX (Robots-for-Humans).

The Robotnik industry case inside the ULTIMATE project is based on the concept of mobile manipulation and how this technology can improve the industry.  Collaborative mobile robotics offers a more versatile solution with the ability to adapt to new activities and needs, supporting an operator’s tasks and executing the most repetitive, tedious or dangerous tasks. 

Traditional industrial arms work in a fixed, static space and the applications are composed of pre-programmed movements due to the lack of reliable perception of the status of the cell. This has changed thanks to the advances in collaborative robotic arms and mobile robotic bases.


Fourth Newsletter

Thales Alenia Space delivers cost-effective solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. Governments

Francisco Fraile

AI-Powered Human-Centred Robot Interactions for Smart Manufacturing Francisco Fraile is an associate professor and senior